Ultra dimensions Pvt Ltd, based on the East Coast of India at VisakhapatnamSpecializes in Marine and Dredging related activities apart from other Marine Systems in various segments of Defence & Aerospace.


Ultra-dimensions has executed numerous Construction Projects starting from residential & to commercial complexes and actively participated in a numerous Marine related works such as Piling andSub- Sea works including construction of break waters, burial and de-burial of underwater pipelines, removals, salvage and Grab dredging Operations.


Ultra-dimensions has created a niche for itself in the infrastructure industry in India, through its implementation of custom solutions to projects. Heavy lifting activity has been the core activity of the Dredging business since its inception and hiring of heavy equipment has been the major forte of the company.

Ultra-Dimensions, has earned a name for itself by carrying out successfully the dredging work in between the piles and proved itself once again in successfully extracting of the 600 dia piles &dismantling of the jetty and removal operation through implementation of its customized solution to the project and deployment of specialized equipment, hiring of dedicated and skilled personnel who can adapt to the challenges and exercise good judgment, involved in removal of the piles and related concrete beams and slabs from the Sub Sea level.

Ultra-Dimensions has thus gradually progressed from a dredging to demolition, removal & salvage Company, with all its experience and technical expertise and thorough understanding of safety procedures, environment damage precautions and exhaustive pre-panning to minimize risk factors.


Our Objectives

To maintain the equipment to the BEST of Industry standards for reliable and safe operations. To ensure and achieve total customer satisfaction. To comply with best industry practice with regards Quality, Health, Safety and Environment (QHSE).



Our business spectra includes dredging, salvage, marine engineering services, land reclamation involving designs, constructing, developing, modernizing, extending and maintaining ports and harbors.

Experience in different types of Marine &Dredging works:

  • Capital And Maintenance Dredging
  • Rock Dredging
  • Pre Trenching and Back Fill
  • Post Trenching activities
  • Intake and Outfall
  • Demolition of Jetty and removal
  • Boring of Diaphragm walls 600 to 1200 mm dia

We also offer under water diving services and equipment for wreck removal projects. Regardless of challenges Ultra-Dimensions is able to meet our Clients’ needs through our strategically deployed equipment and expertise. We assure our clients a prompt and professional service, regardless of the scope of the incident.


Fleet & Professionalism

Ultra-Dimensions, versatile fleet includes floating crafts such as flat top barges, hopper barges and various capacities of Cranes that can be mounted on top of the barges as per the requirement and nature of the job. The floating crafts have working drafts of the range from 0.6 to 2.6 mtrs, dredge depths of 6 mtrs to 25 mtrs. We also have two large Excavators EX 350 with specially designed long reach arms to have a dredging reach of upto 14 mtrs. We havealso engaged two Self propelled hopper barges of 450 cbm and 1200 cbm hopper capacity for disposal of dredged soil.

Ultra-Dimensions has a team of experts who have been involved with the shipping and wreck removal industry for the past 2 decades. Their extensive experience and professional knowledge has helpedUltra-Dimensions build trust and relationship with its clients. These experts consist of owners of the company with extensive knowledge of the shipping and finance industry, along with technical experts such as Salvage Masters, Divers, Naval Architects, etc.


Equipment :

ULTRA-DIMENSIONS currently operates the below listed crafts and equipment for its projects at the port of Visakhapatnam. These crafts and equipment are also available for prompt hire.


Name of Dredger/ Crane Type Description
1.Manitovoc 4000 Vicon Crawler Crane With up to 200 feet of lattice boom.
Lifting capacity of 150 tons.
2.Flat Top Barge of 1980 DWTBarge of 1980 DWT 15mtrs x54 mtrs x 3.5 mtrs Equipped with four points mooring to lift wreck or debris submerged under water or under the sea bed.
 3.TATA 655 BLC Crawler Crane Lifting capacity of 45 tons and 110 feet of lattice boom.
 4.American 7250 Crawler Crane Lifting capacity of 65 tons and 120 feet of lattice boom.
 5.P&H 440 Crawler Crane Lifting Capacity of 40 tons and 100 feet of lattice boom.
 6.EX 350  TATA Hitachi excavator 11.5 mtrs super long reach boom and 7.6 metres arm and 0.7 Cbm bucket combination to achieve a vertical digging reach of 15.5 meters.
 7.EX 200 Rock breaker Excavator Excavator and Rock Breaker.
 8.Submersible Pumps Pump Operated for mud removal.
 9.SSBA Surface Supply Breathing Apparatus Operational SSBA sets consisting of Dive compressors and Control Panels for multiple teams of divers.
 10.Dive Gears  Gears  KMB Dive mask, underwater communication set, safety harness, neoprene suits, Booties, Dive knifes, Bail out bottles, etc.
 11.Rigging Equipment    Chains and other rigging gear for heavy lift.


Because cost leadership is essential to our competitive position, the optimization and standardization of theequipment is a continuous process whereby we not only invest in modification of the equipment’s to suit the requirement but also ensure that the equipment is kept technically shipshape.