Titanium, NAB Values, Actuators & Pipes

Design and fabrication of system onboard Sub-marine capability : M/s Ultra Dimensions Pvt Ltd has been involved actively for the fabrication, installation and commissioning of systems made for underwater vessel. The scope of work involved qualifying technology for Titanium welding with no RT defects and we were successful in implementing the fabrication process including materials like Titanium, SS, Cuprous Nickel and Carbon Steel on-board submarine applications and we have executed total work till date more than Rs.70Crores.


We have also developed our in-house design facility which involves re-engineering of Russian systems, assemblies, sub-assemblies, components through mapping for indigenization works. We have contributed immensely in the area of indigenization which includes design, development, manufacture, installation, test and trial of actuated valves, systems and components. These have been successfully test and tried onboard a Vessel. The various projects executed includes design, manufacturing and supply of more than 800 valves made of titanium, nab (nickel, aluminium, and bronze), SS, CA104 and ferrous materials, manual as well as pilot operated. These have been supplied to Navy for Submarines.


Design, Development, and Manufacture of Titanium filters and OLFs for submarines. M/s UDPL is involved for design, development, manufacture and supply of Titanium filters indigenously to replace Russian Titanium filters for the underwater vessels.